Unit 7-Sustainability in architecture

Sustainability is one of the main terms of debate nowadays. Every sector is changing to get adapted to the global warming issues, architecture is probably one of the most affected industries.

Sayama’s chapel

Sustainability in architecture is a huge idea to analyze, because of it, firt of all we have to take about 4 main ideas: The 3 pillars, the 3R, the 4 operatinal principles and the life-cycle assesment.

The 3 pillars are the three important aspects of today: The socio-economic, the socio-cultural and the environmental.

When we talk about 3R, we are talking about the three principal actions that we must do to help our planet, those are: reduce, reuse and recycle. We have to reduce our consumption, we have yo try to give things a second life, and also, work on transforming used materials to give them another use on production cycle.

Another basic concept that we have to talk about are the 4 operational principles. First, the impact of human beings must not exceed nature carrying capacities. Second, renewable resources must not exceed their rate of regeneration. Third, the use of non-renewable resources must be compensated with the production of renewable resources, which will eventually have to replace them. Finally, the emissions into the environment must not exceed the absorptive capacity of the receivers.

As a last concept, we need to talk about life-cycle assesment. The LCA studies the environmental impact of a product from its production to its dismantling. For this, it is necessary to calculate the energy consumption and corresponding emissions to the environment of the various processes that make its use possible.

So this is the situations, as future architects we must think about those things and work hard on making our planet, a better place, thinking about the use of materials, using less th usual, and using non contaminating materials.


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