Unit 6-Architecture of the future

Modern Art Museum- Odunpazari

Every artistic trend is a change of taste. They appear because of the situation of the moment, as a need, as a reaction against the previous one. We can connect one period with the following until now.

Then, we can foresee trends and imagine future architectural dynamics looking at the characteristics of architectures in history.

We can imagine that the future architect will change in order to respond to the environmental demand and the socio-economic situation.

Between 5 or 10 years in the future, the materials, and the way we use them will probably have an important change, we will avoid using concrete or cement in huge cuantities and maybe we will use other materials such as wood or bamboo.

Architecture will also turn more inclusive with people, trying to be more accesful for everyone.

Those are little things that one can imagine, but future cant be certainly foreseen, those are just little facts that we can imagine.


Photo 1: https://www.madera21.cl/blog/project-view/museo-de-arte-moderno-odunpazari/

Photo 2: https://www.photowall.es/beautiful-bamboo-papel-pintado