Unit 1-What is architecture?

Architecture is a relation between engineering technique and the beautyness of art. Architecture turns mathematics into a piece of useful art, were people can find special feelings due to the created atmospheres.

St.Marys Cathedral-Tokio

Architecture has been with humanity since the first civilizations.

Architecture is a foundamental part of cultures and civilizations, it identifys people and transmites people necesities and culture.

Kinkaku ji-Kyoto


Photo 1-https://es.smarttravelapp.com/poi/13231/Catedral-de-Santa-Mar%C3%ADa-.html

Photo 2-https://www.peakpx.com/es/hd-wallpaper-desktop-phjpz

Photo 3-https://es.japantravel.com/tokio/el-cruce-de-shibuya/59400