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Tadao Ando – Church of Light

Tadao Ando’s church of light is the principal chapel of Ibaraki Kasugaoka, in Osaka, Japan. This church was built in 1989, and is one of the most iconical pieces from the famous japanese architect.

This church represents the characteristical Ando’s style, making a special atmosphere inside, using concrete, glass and steel structures as a base, playing with the light and the shadows to obtain a unique sensation.

The Chapel consists of a rectangular volume of three cubes that are punctured by a wall at a fifteen degree angle that never actually touches the other walls or ceiling of the chapel. The geometry is nothing more than six walls and a roof, a minimalist end point that requires a thoughtful process that is able to eliminate anything else that is not relevant. This church of the light is a simple building that makes the most of what it can, a testament to the phrase “less is more”

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