Hi! I'm Rubén Valero Costa, an architecture student from ETSA, UPV. I hope you enjoy looking around my blog!

Hi! I’m Rubén Valero Costa, architecture student from ETSA,UPV. I’m 19 years old, I was born in Valencia, in Torrent. I’m currently working as a voleibol trainer in my club, and im also a volunteer free time monitor in a youth center.

I have many hobbies, one of them is sport, i specially like to practice trekking, I really enjoy feeling connected with nature, maybe that’s why I enjoy observing architectecs like Tadao Ando or Kengo Kuma, who wants to create a link between the inner space of the building and the landscape.

I’m really fascinated about Japan, about their culture, landscapes, gastronomy and architecture. That´s why my blog is mainly focused on knowing more about japanese architects or buildings, I use it as a tool for learning more about them, I don’t know why, but I have felt connected to this country since I was a child, last june I was going to travel there for study japanese, but I couldn’t due to Covid-19. I wish I will have another chance to visit it.

Hope you enjoy watching around my blog!